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If you have to hire a lawyer, you should consider hiring a lawyer that is also a veteran. Most veterans are quality people who cared about their country enough to risk their lives to protect it. 

 Most veterans have qualities like honor, courage and integrity and these are the same qualities you want in a lawyer.

When you hire a lawyer that is also a veteran you are more likely to  be represented by someone that is reliable and capable of operating under pressure, who has a strong sense of duty and who is not afraid to fightIt is also a great way to thank a veteran for their service.


Whether you need a lawyer for criminal law, family law, or personal injury our website makes it easy for you to find a veteran lawyer. To find a lawyer who is also a veteran in your area go to the Find a Lawyer Veteran page.  

Veterans Discount

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If you are also a veteran than you are used to relying on fellow veterans when it really counts. Because the lawyers on this site also served our lawyers understand what veterans go through.  As a way of thanking you for your service many of the lawyers listed on our site offer a Veteran's Discount for their services.  

Request Inclusion on this website

If you are a lawyer and a veteran that would like to be included on this directory use the Lawyer Contact Form to request inclusion.